We foster your child's growth and promote lifelong participation through quality programs that are meaningful and fun.

Players Rating

We measure our player’s success by their ability to play and win points (Serve, Rally and Score) while being a good sport. So, at the end of each term, your child will receive a progress report that shows their rating on all the skill sets required to play well while building a solid foundation that enables them to advance to the next level!
How can your child advance to the NEXT LEVEL?

We need to practice regularly, at least more than once a week, to be good at anything or improve faster at it. It takes time, and there are no shortcuts around it. Generally, it takes approximately 1 school year to complete a level, but even that can vary based on a player’s desire and ability to learn and master a skill. Players who play and practice with their family and friends or enroll in a minimum of two sessions per week typically advance quicker.

Program Duration

Fall (15 weeks from Sep to Dec)
Winter (12 weeks from Jan to Mar)
Spring (12 weeks from Apr to Jun)
Summer (8 weeks from Jul to Aug)


All new players (except beginners) are required to complete an assessment to determine their playing level before joining our programs. Assessment are complimentary and take about 10-15 minutes. To arrange your assessment, please fill the form at the bottom of this page.


We role model and promote values and life skills that help your child thrive on and off the tennis court.

We implement an age-level-appropriate teaching methodology that increases enjoyment and progress while building a solid foundation for future success.  

We role model and promote values and life skills that help your child thrive on and off the tennis court.

We implement an age-level-appropriate teaching methodology that increases enjoyment and progress while building a solid foundation for future success.  


Our Developmental programs are designed to enable players to play the game (Serve, Rally and Score) from day one. We implement Tennis Canada training guidelines and recommended “Play-Practice-Play” structure to teach all the skills required to play the game successfully. This way we capture the fun of playing tennis, which increases players’ motivation for learning and provides them with the necessary Play and Practice repetition required to build a solid foundation for future success.


Our Competitive programs are designed to develop focused and resilient players who love to compete and play smart with effective strokes. We follow Tennis Canada’s recommendations for long-term athlete development and train players to acquire tactical, technical, physical, and mental skills required to compete successfully at provincial tournaments and to make a transition to High-Performance tennis.


We strive for our competitive players to qualify for The Tennis Centre Performance program, delivered by P3 International Tennis Academy, and strongly recommend them to anyone aiming to compete at the national and international level.

The Tennis Centre’s highly passionate and experienced coaching team is committed to maximizing your child’s potential and performance by providing them with customized quality programs that optimize their development both as a tennis player and a person.
Please be courteous towards our staff and other players, and observe the following rules and court etiquettes.
  • Until PHO indicates otherwise, players must wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility.
  • To reduce crossing paths, players must enter and exit the courts in a clockwise direction. 
  • Players must wear appropriate tennis attire and non-marking tennis shoes.  No clay-court shoes.
  • No chewing gum, food or drink (except water) on the courts.
  • To accommodate a safe entrance and exit, players must vacate the court promptly 5 minutes before their program end time.
  • Until further notice, change rooms and Clubhouse are closed, and players (or their family and friends) cannot stay inside the centre.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside or outside of the Centre.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your child’s program registration without notice and refuse to serve you in future should you or them fail to follow our facility’s rules and Covid-19 Provincial Health Orders. 
"SO MUCH FUN! I returned to tennis after 20 years. I wanted to improve my game to the point where I can start playing tournaments, so I reached out and signed up for private lessons. I was so impressed with the level of coaching and enjoyed the experience so much that after a couple months, I signed up my two boys (ages 7 & 9), and later my wife - all into group lessons. A year and a half later, tennis has become our family sport. Our family's experience with this group as been exceptional. The level of engagement is very high, and they know how to make the experience fun. They also have programs for all levels; whether you are just starting out, a casual player, or if you want to play tournaments. I can't say enough about the entire coaching staff who have created a fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You can tell that they all love what they do because their passion for the game is infectious. They are all elite players with advanced coaching skills and knowledge of the game's fundamentals, and are supported by an award winning director who specializes in developing players from a "grass roots" level."
— Chris Law, TFL Player